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Michael M. Fuselier

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Measuring the Customer Experience

 For one network of multi-specialty clinics measuring the patient experience was always an elusive undertaking.  The primary barrier... Read more  

Moving from Vision to Results

Moving from a vision to business results requires a broad set of skill and talent.  Often companies find that this talent is not available internally.  Outsourcing critical talent is one of the smartest business moves a company can make...  Read more

Remedies - Bringing Total Health to the Community

Spearheading the creation of a brand

Remedies, owned by a group of investors in Lafayette, Louisiana, is a favorite project that I was fortunate to spearhead.  The project is a... Read More


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Michael M. Fuselier, CPA, CNS, FACHE, MS

A broad range of business expertise.  Business advisor.  Business leader.