Healthcare Expertise

Michael holds impeccable experience and credentials setting him apart as a unique leader in healthcare.  He has over twenty years' experience as a CEO and CFO for hospitals, clinics, senior care facilities, pharmacies, and much more.   

When Michael wanted to know about the healthcare industry, he enrolled in college, completed his degree in nursing and successfully passed the board examination for licensure as a registered nurse in Louisiana.  He specializes in public health and is board certified as an advanced registered nurse in public health.

That same year when he wanted to know the business of healthcare, he returned to school and successfully completed his graduate studies in administration and accounting and successfully sat for his license as a certified public accountant in Louisiana.   He soon thereafter completed a one year executive leadership fellowship residency at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital and earned his status a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives.

Recognizing an urgent need for a higher level of leadership in the elder-care industry, Michael built upon his clinical and business training, returned to university and successfully sat for his board licensure as a nursing home administrator in the state of Louisiana.

He has prepared and executed budgets exceeding $300 M annually; achieved EBITDA growth margins exceeding 13% annually for hospitals, large group medical practices and community providers; increased net cash flow margins by greater than 25% in less than 6 months for providers in financial distress;  increased patient lives by 33% in 12 months through assertive, evidence-based marketing strategies; and strategically achieved 98% of all clinical performance indicators for CMS, MCOs and other regulatory institutions.

He is a clinician board certified and licensed as a clinical nurse specialist.  He is a business and financial expert licensed as a certified public accountant and is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives.

Areas of Experience

Clinically Integrated Networks


Ambulatory Practice

Community & School Based Centers

Public Health


Behavioral Health


Long Term Care

Medical Fitness & Sports

Committed to the Health of Our Future

As an expert in the field of healthcare, the firm is committed to keeping alive conversations important to the health of vulnerable populations.  A UNESCO report shows that bullying in schools is a worldwide problem.  Being part of the solution...Read more